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The crane can also realize the function of counterweight and arm self disassembly by using the crane's own lifting system, so that the whole machine can be disassembled completely, which is convenient for transportation, cost saving and shortening the installation time; The setting of the rear cable tension device improves the working reliability of the invention.


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In 2015, quy1250 tons full hydraulic crawler crane produced by Fuwa Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was used as.It is the first crawler crane in China and the largest crawler crane in Asia.

Since 2019, Fuwa Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has started to cooperate with the world with a broader vision and a larger industrial mind. Well known design companies jointly design and independently manufacture 5000ton ring rail crane. It can be widely used in China.The construction of major projects at home and abroad can be called the most important thing in our country!


In 2003, Zhejiang private entrepreneur Xu Fuyuan acquired Fushun Excavator Manufacturing Co., Ltd.The nature of the enterprise has changed from state-owned to private.

In October 2009, the company officially changed its name to Liaoning Fuwa Heavy Industry Machinery Co. Ltd.

After the system transformation in 2003, the scientific and technological productivity of Fuwa heavy industry has entered an unprecedented stage of development.Completed from 35 tons to 1250 tons and other 17 tons of new series of product development. Accumulated acquisition.There are 29 scientific and technological innovation achievements, 56 national patents, and 33 products have obtained CE, Russia and Japan patents respectively.North American Certification. It has contributed more than 1 billion to local economic and social development.

Fuwa heavy industry is not only a famous enterprise in China's equipment manufacturing industry, but also a leading enterprise in the world's hoisting industryTop 10.


In 1982, WD400 excavator was successfully improved. In 1984, it won the provincial quality product award.

In October 1984, QUY50 full hydraulic crawler crane was successfully trial manufactured, which filled a national technical gapBlank.

In 1985, kh180 hydraulic crawler crane was successfully trial manufactured by introducing Japanese construction machinery technology.

In 1994, the total industrial output value was 180 million yuan, the sales revenue was 270 million yuan and the profit was 5.29 million yuan.


It was named "Fushun Excavator Factory" on July 15, 1960,to become the first mining company in China Machine professional production plant.

In 1967, according to the instructions of the State Council in 1964 to support the third line construction, it was decided to build in Luzhou City,Sichuan Province.

Since 1965, the Changjiang excavator factory has successively relocated 273 sets of equipment from the old factory and transferred a total of personnel 1357.

In 1977, because the old plant site is located in the coal mining area, the construction of the new plant site of Shijiagou was started, and in 1987 Complete and relocate.

In July 1977, wd1200 excavator was successfully trial manufactured. At that time, it was the largest excavator in China.

In 1978, it was transferred to the State Construction Commission, and in October of the same year, it was transferred to the Liaoning Provincial Construction Commission, which is a provincial plant enterprise.


In December 1952, China's first 800-1200 m geological drilling machine was successfully trial manufactured.

In June 1953, it was renamed "Fushun heavy machinery factory"Under the first Ministry of machinery industry.

At the beginning of 1956, when Comrade Zhu De visited the factory again, he said, "you are a big factory with many old workers.With strong technical force, can you make your products bigger, faster and better.

In early 1957, vice premier Chen Yun visited the factory. In the same year,China's first 1 m³ excavator was put into production.

In August 1958, the factory was transferred from the second Ministry of machinery industry to the Machinery Department of Liaoning Province. 1961 In August, it was collected and managed by the fifth Bureau of the first Ministry of machinery industry.


Fushun was liberated on October 31, 1948. On November 3, the military representatives stationed in the factory entered the factory and were formed in the middle of November Jiang Weihua, leader of the Communist Party group. At that time, it had 3297 employees, who were responsible for supporting the war of liberation Repair 60 guns and long range guns.

In 1949, while completing the product task, he repaired the related equipment for the Mining Bureau and other enterprises,Fushun heavy industry for the restoration of production has made contributions to the "northeast daily" praise.

In 1950, the successful development of ductile iron, China's first production of ductile iron factory At the beginning of 1951, when commander in chief Zhu De visited the factory, he said, "you have done a good job." I'm encouraged.


In the autumn of 1938, it was renamed "Fushun Coal Mine Machinery Manufacturing Institute", with an annual output of 30 pumps and motor hoists, and undertook part of the equipment manufacturing tasks of Fushun oil plant (No.1 oil plant).

In 1945, the factory was taken over by the Soviet army and more than 100 sets of fine, large and rare equipment were removed

In March 1946, the factory was taken over by the Resources Committee of the Kuomintang. In October, it was renamed the " maintenance Office of Fushun Mining Bureau", with 4505 employees,including 1967 Japanese.

In the winter of 1947, it was renamed "mechanical and electrical factory of Fushun Mining Bureau".


In September 1904, Japanese engineers built a machinery repair plant of about 500 square meters in "xiaoyantai" (today's Sujiatun South lighthouse in Shenyang), which is the predecessor of fudig.

In April 1905, Fushun Mining Institute was established, and the machinery repair factory was moved to xishikeng, qianjinzhai Fushun (now daguantunnan), which was renamed "Fushun machinery repair factory".

In April 1907, a "Central Machinery Factory" was established, which was subordinate tol Fushun coal mine.

In October 1928, it was moved to tawan Village (now East Park Street) in Fushun and renamed "Fushun carbon mining machinery factory". The factory covers an area of 208000 square meters, with a construction area of 22000 square meters. There are 773 Chinese workers and 251 Japanese.

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