Telescopic crawler crane

The crane can also realize the function of counterweight and arm self disassembly by using the crane's own lifting system, so that the whole machine can be disassembled completely, which is convenient for transportation, cost saving and shortening the installation time; The setting of the rear cable tension device improves the working reliability of the invention.


Truck crane
Hydraulic crawler crane
Chain grooving machine
Rotary drilling rig
Excavating machinery
Excavating machinery

[ Recruitment ]

1、 Development space

1. Management channel: new employee - Director (assistant director) - Director - senior management of the company;

2. Professional channel: new employee - Junior - intermediate - Senior - expert;

3. Competition for jobs: when there is an important job vacancy in a certain department of the company, but there is no suitable person in the Department, all employees in the company have the opportunity to compete;

4. Internal qualification evaluation: the company conducts internal evaluation in each major every year.

2、 Training system

1. The company arranges various kinds of training according to the company's plan and the needs of each department every year.

2. Diversified training forms: company training; Professional training for all departments and posts; Organize all kinds of social skills training.

3、 Salary

1. The company offers competitive compensation.

4、 Welfare

1. The company pays "five insurances and one fund" (i.e. endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, industrial injury insurance and housing provident fund) for employees, and provides tooling and labor protection articles for each employee; Provide food allowance and dormitory with complete facilities for employees every month.

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