Telescopic crawler crane

The crane can also realize the function of counterweight and arm self disassembly by using the crane's own lifting system, so that the whole machine can be disassembled completely, which is convenient for transportation, cost saving and shortening the installation time; The setting of the rear cable tension device improves the working reliability of the invention.


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Welcome export orders again!Three 400 ton crawler cranes are sent overseas!
       three × 400 tons = 1200 tons, 1000 tons to sea, show your magic!

On August 18, 2021, three 400 ton crawler cranes, the star products of Fudiao heavy industry, were loaded and delivered overseas. This is the second purchase of large tonnage products of Fudiao heavy industry by overseas users, and it is also a comprehensive recognition of the excellent lifting capacity, safety and reliability of our large tonnage products. We will also live up to our expectations, go all out to satisfy users, make Chinese made famous overseas, make Chinese red, touch and dig red, and become popular all over the world!

Fu dig heavy industry was a pioneer in the crawler crane industry. After years of dedicated research, development and upgrading, it now has a full range of crawler cranes of 35 ~ 1250 tons. Our products have excellent lifting capacity and high safety and reliability. We can see the figure of Fudiao heavy industrial products at major engineering sites at home and abroad, which has been widely praised by users. That touch of "Fudiao red" adds a color to the construction site, as well as a strong power and safety guarantee.

In recent years, we have worked intensively, continuously optimized product performance, strengthened quality control, improved after-sales service guarantee, faced the market with a new attitude, and fed back to the majority of users with higher (cost-effective) and better (service-oriented) products!

Look forward to working with you to create tomorrow!



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