Telescopic crawler crane

The crane can also realize the function of counterweight and arm self disassembly by using the crane's own lifting system, so that the whole machine can be disassembled completely, which is convenient for transportation, cost saving and shortening the installation time; The setting of the rear cable tension device improves the working reliability of the invention.


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Mayor Gao Jian and his party came to Fudiao heavy industry for inspection and investigation

  On the morning of May 13, Fushun mayor Gao Jian led Wang Jingtao, head of Shuncheng District, and responsible persons of relevant departments, such as the municipal finance office, the Municipal Bureau of statistics, the Municipal Social Security Bureau, and the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, to inspect and investigate Fushun heavy industry. Xu Fuyuan, chairman of Fuwa heavy industry, led the company's management to receive mayor Gao Jian and his party.

  During the visit and investigation, mayor Gao Jian and his party went deep into the company's product assembly workshop and listened to the introduction of the company's production and operation, future development planning and development needs by Chairman Xu Fuyuan. At the same time, mayor Gao Jian also asked the enterprises what difficulties they encountered during the epidemic period and what aspects they needed help and support from the municipal government.

  Finally, mayor Gao Jian hopes that Fuwa heavy industry will further improve its product quality, actively explore the market, expand its business scale, and make greater contributions to the economic development of Fushun City.

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